Heritage and Culture

Heritage & Culture

North East Lincolnshire is filled with history.

Our vibrant past dates back to the Danes, with the legend of Grim, links to the Pilgrim Fathers, and more recent history involving everything from the RAF base in World War Two to the Cod Wars in the 1970s. 

You can follow the story of Grimsby’s colourful past at the Time Trap museum in Grimsby, or to find out about our trading past, visit the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre, where you can also take a guided tour onboard the The Ross Tiger, a diesel side trawler, moored in the docks. 

A trip to Immingham Museum will teach you the history about the Pilgrim families that fled the UK for a new life overseas and the port of Immingham and how it grew to become one of the largest ports in the UK by tonnage. 

Just a short drive out of town lies Waltham Windmill. This historic building is an iconic 6 storage, 6 sale working mill built between 1878 to 1880 by John Saunderson of Louth. Visit the Museum of Rural Life in the grounds of Waltham Windmill which incorporates the RAF Grimsby exhibition. Or take a ride on the miniature railway and wander the unique craft units.  

Grimsby Minster is one of the iconic buildings in the heart of the town, well worth a look around just to enjoy the peaceful space. The Minster also hosts events throughout the year keep a look out online for more.