Cycling trails

Cycling for everyone

There are bike rides for all ages, abilities and levels of confidence. So whether you are after a route for you and the kids at the weekend or fancy something more challenging have a look and see what you can find.

Copies of each leaflet can be picked up from your local library or from the Cycle Hubs at Grimsby Town and Cleethorpes railway stations.

Cycle Routes

Suitability – Adults
Distance – 26 miles (42km)
Ride time – 3hrs
Terrain – Hilly

If you fancy a challenge this weekend then this is the one for you.

The ride takes you from Immingham up into the foothills of the Lincolnshire Wolds before a café stop in the picturesque town of Caistor and a return ride along the National Cycle Route, through Great Limber, Brocklesby and Habrough.

The start of this route is in Immingham. Originally a rural hamlet surrounded by marshland, in 1608 it was the last departure point for the Pilgrim Separatists who fled England for Holland. They later boarded the Mayflower ship and founded one of the first English colonies in America. Today, Immingham is the largest port by tonnage the UK.

Whilst much of this ride is on quieter roads there are some sections that will require you to cycle along busier sections. Please take care when cycling along them.

The half way point on this ride comes as you enter the town of Caistor, there are several places to stop for a drink and something to eat. If you’ve got a few minutes the Arts & Heritage Centre is well worth a look around.

The Centre is a beautiful conversion of a former Methodist chapel. Delicious cakes, afternoon tea, snacks and lunches are served in the cafe and on their sunny terrace. Upstairs you can discover local history displays, exhibitions in our gallery and a well-stocked public library.

On leaving Caistor you head north along the National Cycle Network Route 1 that runs the length of the country from Dover right up to northern Scotland and the Shetland Islands.

The rest of the route is mainly through the Brocklesby Estate, with its extensive wood and parklands, look out for the 128ft tall Pelham Pillar and the Brocklesby Mausoleum which are both only a short ride off the route.

The route:

  1. Head west along Pelham Road
  2. Bear left onto the B1210 Stallingborough Road
  3. After the level crossing turn right towards Keelby
  4. After entering Keelby turn left onto South Street
  5. Continue onto St Bartholomew’s Close then onto Riby Road
  6. Turn left onto the A18. Take care along this road
  7. Take the first right along a small single track
  8. At the end of the track swing right then turn left towards Swallow
  9. Go straight across at the junction with the A1173
  10. Turn right then immediately left to Swallow. Head straight through the village
  11. In Cuxwold turn right and follow the road to Rothwell
  12. Turn right onto Partridge Drive in Rothwell
  13. After the pub turn right and head uphill on Caistor Road
  14. Turn right onto the B1225
  15. Take the first left onto Whitegate Hill towards Caistor
  16. Cross the A46 then turn left onto South Dale
  17. Take a sharp right onto Horse Market
  18. Continue up Plough Hill into Market Street
  19. Turn right onto High Street
  20. Follow the road to the junction with the A1173 and turn left
  21. After the woods bear right and follow the route northwards
  22. Take care when crossing the A18, head towards Brocklesby
  23. Go straight ahead through Brocklesby and turn right onto the B1210 towards Habrough
  24. Continue along the B1210 past Habrough and turn right at the mini roundabout
  25. Turn left onto Mill Lane
  26. Turn left onto Church Lane and follow the road as it turns into Washdyke Lane
  27. Turn right onto Pelham Road back towards the start of the route

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 23 miles (37km)
Ride time – 2hrs 45mins
Terrain – Hilly

The Bradley Wolds Loop is one of our longer rides and takes in many of the quiet lanes in the countryside around the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Starting from the Football Development Centre the route heads south towards Waltham before passing Waltham Windmill before you start climbing into the small foothills of the Wolds themselves. Once there the route is quite hilly, the views from the tops of the climbs should more than make up for the effort needed to get up there in the first place! On a clear day you should be able to see the coast at Cleethorpes from along this route.

Keep going and you’ll pass through the village of Brookenby, until the 1980s the site was RAF Binbrook. During the Second World War the airfield was part of Bomber Command and later in its life was home to a number of well know bomber squadrons including the Dambusters 617 squadron. Since its closure the former RAF housing has been turned into the current village you see today.

Roughly half way around the route you’ll come into Binbrook, the village has plenty of places to stop for a rest, and some refreshment before getting back on your bike for the second half of the ride. After leaving Binbrook you’ll soon pick up the route of the NCN Route 1, long distance cycle route that runs along the east coast from Dover in the south to northern Scotland.

At Beelsby you’ll leave the NCN behind and start to head back to Waltham. At the junction with the A18 please use the small off road cycle path opposite. The A18 is often very busy with lorries and other fast moving traffic, take care when crossing the road especially if your party contains less experienced cyclists. Finally on the outskirts of Waltham turn left back up Bradley Road towards the end point of this ride.

The route:

  1. Leave the football centre car park and turn left along Bradley Road. Be aware that this can be a busy road so please take care
  2. At the mini-roundabout turn left heading towards Waltham
  3. Turn right at the first mini-roundabout and go straight ahead at the second
  4. As you enter Brigsley keep to the main road and follow the road ahead through the village
  5. At the roundabout go straight ahead in the direction of East Ravendale
  6. At the crossroads go straight ahead
  7. As you pass through the village you’ll come to a fork in the road turn left off the main road
  8. Keep on this road for 1 ½ miles until you come to a right turn. Take this turn towards the Clickem Inn
  9. As you reach the pub turn left along the B1203
  10. Follow the road straight through the village of Swinhope
  11. Follow the B1203 until you reach the junction with Orford Road, turn right and follow this road towards Thoresway
  12. After crossing a small bridge turn right at the crossroads (follow the NCN Route 1 signs), then continue along this route
    to Croxby along the Sustrans NCN Route 1
  13. On the outskirts of Croxby go straight ahead back towards Beelsby
  14. After a further 1 ½ miles you’ll enter Beelsby. Leave NCN Route 1 here and turn right back towards Waltham
  15. Turn right then first left here. You are advised to use the small off road cycle path at this point. The A18 is a very busy road and cycling along it is not advised
  16. Pass through Barnoldby-le- Beck and continue to the mini roundabout where you should turn left back up Bradley Road
    to the finish of the ride

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 12 miles (19km)
Ride time – 1hrs 30mins
Terrain – Mostly flat

This ride takes in views across the Humber and the picturesque local villages of Great Coates, Stallingborough and Healing. The start of the ride is at Grimsby Leisure Centre on Cromwell Road. There is free car parking available at the Leisure Centre.

When you join the seawall, do stop for a moment and take in the view. The Humber Estuary in front of you is one of the busiest areas of water in the country with ships from all over Europe and beyond visiting the nearby ports of Grimsby and Immingham.

The river itself drains around 20% of the total land surface of England. The estuary is around 100,000 years old and was formed during the last Ice Age, when it is believed that an ice sheet plugged the mouth of the river causing the build-up of silt and debris behind it. When the ice melted the sea flooded in covering much of the lowlying land creating the estuary as we see it today.

As well as being busy with industry, the river is also home to a host of wildlife. As you ride along you may be lucky enough to see flocks of wading birds feeding on the tiny invertebrates that inhabit the estuary’s mudflats. At high tide, when the area is covered in water, you are likely to see local fishermen looking for a catch.

As the route turns away from the water it passes through the historic village of Stallingborough. Dating back to before the Doomsday Book the ancient village site is still visible in a series of earthworks to the west of the village church. You may wish to stop off at the village shop or nearby pub for some refreshments before heading back to the start of the ride via Healing.

The route:

  1. Leave the Leisure centre grounds and turn left onto Cromwell Road
  2. To your left is a small cutting through to Great Coates. Please dismount and walk your bike through the cutting, at the end turn right and re-join the road along Station Road
  3. At the junction of Woad Lane and Moody Lane go straight ahead along the Public Bridleway towards the sea
  4. At the end of this path turn left and cycle along the seawall
  5. After approximately 1 ¼ miles turn left off the seawall. At this point you may need to dismount to pass around a barrier
  6. Follow the track to the junction of South Marsh Road and Hobson Way, turn right then immediately turn left towards Stallingborough. Head straight along South Marsh Road and Station Road through the village for approximately 2½ miles
  7. At the roundabout turn left onto the B1210 towards Healing
  8. As you enter Healing you may wish to join the off road cycle path on the lefthand side of the road. You can follow this path all the way to Grimsby
  9. At St Michael’s Church turn left onto the path alongside the Freshney passing through a small wooded area
  10. Follow the path until you reach a T-junction, turn right here and keep the fence to your left-hand side, at the end of the path turn left onto Yarrow Road
  11. At the junction with Yarborough Road turn left and join the off road path, at the next junction turn left onto Sorrell Road
  12. Follow this road to the junction with Spark Street where you should turn left.
  13. At the junction with Cromwell Road turn left and head back towards the start point at the Leisure Centre

Suitability – All family
Distance – 2.75 miles (4.5km)
Ride time – 45 mins
Terrain – Flat

This is a great ride for a sunny afternoon ride out with the kids in Cleethorpes. The ride is a little under 3 miles in length, with a stop for an ice cream half-way, making it suitable for just about anyone.

The route begins at Meridian Park before taking you along Marine Walk into Cleethorpes and back again. When cycling in this area please keep to the correct side of the path as it is shared with walkers and on a warm summer day it can be busy with pedestrians as well as cyclists.

Looking out across the Humber, you’ll probably be able to see the lighthouse at Spurn Point on the other side of the estuary as well as the Haile Sand and Bull Sand forts, standing guard at the mouth of the river. The two forts were planned in 1914 to protect the sea entrance to the estuary. Completed in 1919, they were used by the military until the mid-1950s.

As the gateway of the Humber Estuary, our coastline is important to a wide variety of birds. Providing a vital staging post for migratory birds, over 150,000 birds feed here during winter months alone.

As you cycle along, you will notice the railway tracks to your side. These tracks are used by the engines of the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway. Operating for more than 70 years, it is one of Britain’s oldest seaside miniature railways and runs between the Kingsway station and North Sea Lane station at weekends and daily during the summer months.

The Lakeside station plays host to a variety of festivals throughout the year. The station is also home to the Signal Box Inn, reportedly the smallest pub on the planet, measuring just 8ft x 8ft.

A short ride off this route to your left is Cleethorpes Boating Lake. The two lakes are linked by a connecting channel, the northern lake is open for fishing and is used by a local model boat club. If you’re feeling energetic, you can hire a rowing boat or pedalo on the southern lake.

The route:

  1. Pass the shops on your right and then turn right along Meridian Road, you soon cross over the miniature railway tracks
  2. At the T-junction follow Meridian Road round to the right and continue for 500m keeping the railway line to your left
  3. Turn left into a car park and head through a gate over the railway line turning left on the cycle/footpath along the dunes.
    Please keep to the correct side of the path and be courteous to other users
  4. Keep pedalling along this path keeping the dunes to your right. Beware that this path can become covered in sand so please be cautious when riding along here with young children
  5. Ice-cream stop, enjoy an ice cream or a drink at the café before turning round and heading back
  6. At the T-junction keep to the left and follow the path keeping the dunes to your left this time
  7. At this junction turn right and head over the bridge, you may need to dismount and walk past the gate over the bridge if it is closed
  8. Cross the railway line and turn left heading back to Meridian Park

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 14 miles (22.5km)
Ride time – 1h 45 mins
Terrain – Mostly flat

This is the shorter of our two rides that start in Immingham (see also A Hint of the Wolds). At around 14 miles, it is one that should be manageable by most people with reasonable fitness.

Immingham as we see it today came about thanks to the railways and the deep-water port companies in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The port is now the largest port by tonnage in the UK.

The historic village grew up around St Andrew’s parish church which you’ll pass on your way back into the town after your ride. Heading out from Immingham you’ll soon discover the countryside right on your doorstep. Much of this ride is on quiet countryside roads but please note that you will have to cross the A18 which can be busy with lorries and other vehicles. Please take extra care and look out for any members of your group who may be less confident.

On your way to Keelby, you’ll pass through Roxton Woods. Keep an eye out for the host of wildlife that makes its home amongst the trees. Keelby is a great place to pause for a drink and a bite to eat.

The village is about a third of the way around the route so make sure you stock up on drinks, especially if it’s a hot sunny day.

Further around the route, you’ll travel through the Brocklesby estate and the villages of Brocklesby and Habrough before heading back into Immingham.

The route:

  1. With the Academy to your left head out along Pelham Road
  2. Near the Bluestone Pub turn left onto Stallingborough Road
  3. By the garage turn right towards Keelby
  4. Pass over the level crossing and continue through Roxton Woods towards Keelby
  5. Turn right at the junction with Stallingborough Road
  6. After a short distance turn left onto South Street. Continue past the church and join Riby Road
  7. Exit the village and turn left onto the A18, take care this may be busy
  8. Cross the road and take the small lane heading south-westwards
  9. Look out for the NCN signs and turn right towards Great Limber
  10. Before entering the village turn right and head north towards Brocklesby
  11. As you enter Brocklesby, turn left on the B1211
  12. At the junction with the B1210 turn right and head towards Habrough
  13. As you reach the station, keep following the main road
  14. Just after you have ridden over the bridge over the A180 turn right heading to Immingham
  15. After half an mile turn left onto Mill Lane
  16. Turn left at the junction then follow Washdyke Lane back to the start of the route at the Academy

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 8 miles (12.5km)
Ride time – 1h
Terrain – Mostly flat

The Miller’s Loop is a popular ride and it’s not surprising. At a distance of 8 miles on mostly flat, quiet roads, the ride is ideal for most people, and will take you around the countryside south of Waltham.

The start of the ride is at Waltham Windmill. There has been a mill on the site since 1666 but the present six-storied mill was built in the 1880s by John Saunderson of Louth. The sails drive the grinding stones to produce flour which is still milled today.

Alongside the mill, you can visit the Museum of Rural Life, which features many exhibits from the 1930s and 1940s and also the RAF Grimsby exhibition.

Heading out of Waltham, you soon pass through Brigsley and then on to quiet countryside roads, so relax and enjoy the ride!

The route:

  1. Exit the windmill entrance and turn right heading towards the centre of Waltham
  2. Go straight ahead at the first mini-roundabout and turn left at the second heading down Barnoldby Road
  3. At the junction with Westfield Road turn left
  4. Follow the road until you come to the junction with Brigsley Road, turn right here
  5. Just before you get into Brigsley turn right and continue along the B1203
  6. After half a mile take the turning on your left towards Ashbycum-Fenby. Beware of oncoming traffic along this route. Larger vehicles may use the whole width of the road
  7. After cycling through the village you’ll come to a T-junction where you should turn left
  8. Continue along this road for around 1 ½ miles then turn left and follow Waithe Lane back to Brigsley
  9. As you enter the village turn right towards the church
  10. Follow the road straight ahead back towards Waltham
  11. Turn right and head back to the Windmill

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 8 miles (12.5km)
Ride time – 1h 15m
Terrain – Flat

The circular route starts at Weelsby Woods and heads out towards the outskirts of Waltham before turning back through New Waltham and Cleethorpes and back to the Woods.

Much of the Peaks Circular route is on off-road cycle paths, making it great if you want to build up your confidence on your bike before embarking on something a little more challenging. When using these paths please take note of the signs and instructions. Where the path has no line separating the pedestrian and cycle sides, please ride respectfully looking out for other users. Where there is a marked cycle lane please keep to it wherever possible and look out for other cyclists coming the other way.

Once you’ve finished your ride why not head over to the café in the woods for a drink and something to eat. Alternatively, you could stop either at Scartho or Waltham, both of which have cafes for a stop off.

The route:

  1. On leaving Weelsby Woods, turn left onto Weelsby Road heading westwards
  2. Just after the pedestrian crossing turn left along Park Avenue, continue over the next junction until you see a gated path to your right
  3. Turn right along this path. This path is shared with pedestrians so please ride carefully and respect other users
  4. At the end of this path turn left onto Scartho Road and head south
  5. Just after the second set of traffic lights you may wish to join the off road path on your left hand side. Please keep to the side of the path closest to the road
  6. At the roundabout take the second exit along Waltham Road. Less experienced cyclists may wish to dismount and cross on foot at this point. Follow Waltham Road for 1 ½ miles until you come to another roundabout
  7. Turn left and join the off-road path heading eastwards
  8. At Tollbar Roundabout continue straight ahead , please take care when crossing at this point
  9. Continue along the off-road path until the junction with Peaks Lane where you should turn left. Continue until you come to a set of traffic lights
  10. Turn right here and join the off road path to your left hand side
  11. At the next roundabout turn left again. Less experienced cyclists may wish to cross the road here and use the off road path on the opposite side of the road. Either way continue along Humberston Road to the junction with Clee Road
  12. At this roundabout turn left and head back to the start of the ride at Weelsby Woods

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 16.5 miles (26.5km)
Ride time – 2h
Terrain – Hilly

Starting from Bradley Crossroads, this circular ride takes you on a tour of the countryside that’s right on your doorstep. At a little over 16 miles, the route will take you around two hours to get round, depending on your own cycling pace of course!

The route heads westwards along the A46. Please take extra care on this section of the route.

After a short time, you’ll leave the main roads behind and the majority of the rest of the route is on country tracks or quieter roads. As well as the usual things to look out for when out on your bike, you’ll also need to be aware of the odd “hook” or “slice” as this route takes you through Laceby Manor Golf Course. On exiting, you’ll be crossing the A18. Again, this can be a busy road so extra care is advised here.

As you climb and pass-through Irby-upon-Humber, look out for the parish church of St Andrew’s.

A little further on, just outside the village of Beelsby, you’ll pick up the route of the National Cycle Network. This long-distance route runs from northern Scotland all the way down the east coast to Dover.

You’ll notice the road starting to rise now into the foothills of the Lincolnshire Wolds. From the route, you will get clear views over this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and on a clear day you should be able to see out into the Humber Estuary. Dropping back down, you’ll soon pass through East Ravendale and Ashby-cum-Fenby. After all this cycling you’ll have earned a treat so look out for Waltham Windmill who have several shops, a café and a restaurant on site. Then go through the village and back to the end of the ride at Bradley.

The route:

  1. Head west along Laceby Road
  2. After about 1 mile turn left, off the main road along a track towards Manor Top Farm
  3. At the farm, pass through the farmyard and continue south before turning right into the golf course grounds
  4. Continue along Lopham Lane turn right then take the first track on your left
  5. Continue straight ahead, taking care when crossing the A18. Follow the track towards Irby upon Humber
  6. In the village go along Church Lane and Old Main Road
  7. Opposite Irby Dales Farm turn left along Trunkass Lane
  8. At the junction turn left on the road towards Beelsby along NCN 1
  9. In Beelsby village go straight ahead then turn right towards Hatcliffe
  10. Go through Hatcliffe and continue south towards Gunnerby
  11. At the junction with the B1203 turn left towards East Ravendale
  12. Continue along the B1203 across the A18 up Ashby Hill
  13. Pass through Brigsley and head north along Waltham Road
  14. Continue along Brigsley Road then in Waltham turn left at the second mini roundabout along Barnoldby Road
  15. At the junction with Bradley Road turn right and head back along Bradley Road towards the start of the route

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 12 miles (19.5km)
Ride time – 1h 30m
Terrain – Mostly flag

Starting and finishing at the Cycle Hub in Grimsby Town centre and taking a trip through the town to Cleethorpes seafront, this ride is a great one for an afternoon out on your bike.

As well as taking you to the beach and back, this route takes you on a tour of several local parks and open spaces. On your way to the beach, you pass Ainslie Street recreation ground, People’s Park, Grant Thorold Park, Sidney Park and travel through Cleethorpes Country Park. This local nature reserve was created in 1988 and covers an area of 64ha with open grazing land, woods and a large lake with abundant wildlife and waterfowl.

On meeting the Meridian Walk path, you will pass through a car park area. Please take extra care in this area and look out for less confident members of your party. As you cycle along this path, you’ll get excellent views over the Humber. Please note that the path along Meridian Walk is shared with pedestrians. Please keep to the correct side of the path and be courteous to other users.

Heading north back into the main resort of Cleethorpes, you’ll soon be passing Cleethorpes Boating Lake and a little further on, Cleethorpes Pier, before heading back inland through the town to the Cycle Hub.

Most of this route is on road and whilst every care has been taken to choose a route that is away from busy roads and traffic, you are likely to encounter vehicles along this ride, please make sure that you ride to the conditions of the traffic and other road users.

The route:

  1. Head out from the Hub and immediately turn left through the car park keeping the railway line to your left. Then turn left out onto the road, go across the level crossing before turning left
  2. At the end of Wellowgate turn right onto Abbey Road
  3. Take your third turning on the right along Abbey Park Road
  4. Go straight ahead at the crossroads and keep the park to your left
  5. About three quarters of the way around the park take the small cutting on your right then follow this road under the subway to the end
  6. At the junction with Convamore Road turn left
  7. Take the first right along Granville Street
  8. Turn right at the junction with Ladysmith Road
  9. After ¼ of a mile join the cycle track alongside Clee Fields
  10. Pass through the barrier and turn right
  11. Take the first turning to the left towards the church
  12. Turn right and keep the church to your left. Follow Clee Crescent ahead
  13. Use the crossing to cross the road and head up the small path straight in front of you
  14. Turn left at the top of this path then go straight ahead at the cross roads
  15. Follow the road round onto Bentley Street keeping the cemetery to your right
  16. At the junction with Highgate turn left just before the pedestrian crossing
  17. At the first mini roundabout turn right and follow this road straight ahead over another mini roundabout
  18. Keep following the road and at the end turn left
  19. Take your first right towards Cleethorpes Country Park
  20. Cross the small bridge at the end of Links Road into the Country Park. Follow the path straight ahead along a tree lined path
  21. After exiting the park follow Bedford Road and turn left at the junction onto Seaford Road
  22. At the end of Seaford Road turn right
  23. Take your first left onto North Sea Lane
  24. At the roundabout turn right towards Thorpe Park
  25. Follow this road straight ahead until you reach a car park on your left. Take care going through the car park
  26. Cross the light railway line and turn left keeping the estuary to your right
  27. After passing the Leisure Centre turn right along the seafront
  28. At the end of the path re-join the road and continue with the estuary on your right hand side
  29. Opposite Cleethorpes Pier turn left along Sea Road
  30. Go straight across at the roundabout through the Market Place
  31. At the junction with St Peter’s Avenue, turn right then immediately left along Bentley Street
  32. Turn right at the junction with Wollaston Road and go straight on at the traffic lights
  33. Turn right at the first mini roundabout
  34. Take your second exit at the roundabout along Durban Road
  35. Continue along Durban Road
  36. After the second pedestrian crossing turn right onto Humberstone Road with the library to your right
  37. At Julian Street turn left and follow the road straight ahead as it turns into Sixhills Street
  38. At the junction with Heneage Road turn left
  39. Take the second turn on your right along Catherine Street
  40. At the end of Catherine Street go straight ahead under the subway and along “Gas Alley”
  41. Turn right onto Moss Road then immediately right onto Doughty Road
  42. Go under the bridge then turn left at the junction with Bethlehem Street back towards the start of he route

Suitability – Adults and older children
Distance – 6.5 miles (11 km)
Ride time – 45m
Terrain – Mostly flag

This is short ride that starts at the Cycle Hub at Grimsby station. You’ll ride past the Grimsby Minster, a 13th century building which was granted minster status in 2010 and is the parish church dedicated to St James. The church welcomes all – for worship, for coffee, for peace and reflection, for music and art and much more.

If you visit the Minster, see if you can spot the St James imp. Associated with a folk tale, it is said the Imp played tricks in the church and was turned to stone by an angel. Take time to visit St James Square outside the Minster, and look at the public art in the Square, including the etched words in the paving. Please note the route past the church is shared with pedestrians so please take extra care and give way to people on foot if necessary.

On leaving the Minster, you head out through the town and over Cleveland Bridge. This bridge once carried the vehicles on the Grimsby to Immingham tramway, the terminus for which used to be next to Corporation Bridge. The tramline opened in 1911 and finally closed half a century later when buses took over from the trams.

Further along the route you’ll travel through the village of Great Coates. The parish church dates from around 1200AD and is the site of the Coates family grave, after whom the village is believed to be named.

Further along Great Coates Road, the route diverts away from the main road and travels along the River Freshney. The river rises at the edge of the Wolds and meanders through the town before discharging into the Humber near Grimsby’s docks.

Much of this ride is on quieter roads and where there are sections of dedicated cycle path you are advised to use them.

The route:

  1. Head out from the Hub and turn left onto Bethlehem Street
  2. Before the pedestrian crossing turn right through St James Square keeping the Minster to your left. Take care here as the route is shared with pedestrians
  3. Turn right onto Cartergate
  4. Take your second left and cycle along Lord Street
  5. At the church turn off Lord Street down Richard Street towards the River Freshney and the Duke of York Gardens
  6. Turn left at the end of Richard Street keeping the river to your right
  7. Turn right, go over the bridge and then immediately left. The river should now be to your left
  8. After you go over the bridge keep right and take the right hand fork proceeding along Gilbey Road
  9. At the roundabout turn left
  10. Take care at this sharp left hand turn, follow the road over the bridge and through Great Coates village
  11. After leaving the village turn left at the mini roundabout. You may wish to join the off road cycle track after a few metres
  12. Go over a bridge and turn left before you get to the church
  13. At the end of this path turn left keeping the fence to your left
  14. Turn left onto Curry Road past the school
  15. Turn left onto the shared cycle/footpath. Take care and please give way to pedestrians when using this facility
  16. At the toucan crossing cross to the other side of the road and immediately turn down Norman Road
  17. Turn left along Marklew Avenue then take the first right along Morton Avenue
  18. Turn left along Marshall Avenue
  19. Take the second turn on the right and cycle down Rosalind Avenue
  20. At the junction with Littlefield Lane turn left towards the traffic lights
  21. Go straight ahead at the lights, go over the level crossing and then turn back down Chantry Lane and the Minster back to the Hub